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2020 lessons for 2021 and beyond

Year 2020 felt like we were frozen in time. It feels surreal to think it will be 2021 soon. There are too many hurtful and tragic moments in this year we all want to forget. At the same time, lessons were learned.

Right around in May, I started to make a list in my journal about the things I was learning in the time of Covid-19 - lessons I wanted to carry along with me beyond 2020. My intention was to make an ongoing list and revisit it every so often, but to be honest, I neglected it. So, here I am days until the new year and I am wanting to take a moment to write down the lessons I want to take with me. Here it goes, in no particular order.

  1. Say hi and smile to your neighbors when you are on a walk.

  2. Establish a mental health practice that will get you through really tough times.

  3. Let your home be a haven. Take good care of your space.

  4. Curiosity over judgement.

  5. Initiate and engage in conversations about race, even with family.

  6. Support local business more.

  7. We are all racist with our own biases. Work to unlearn and relearn, everyday.

  8. The church exists to be in the world, not separate from it.

  9. Pausing, is doing something.

  10. FaceTime and calls more, text less.

  11. Call parents more.

  12. Be grateful for health, never take it for granted.

  13. Explore all the parks and trails nearby. You will discover new ones.

  14. Take care of the environment. Nature has been my saving grace in 2020.

  15. Your friends and family might have different boundaries than you and that's okay.

  16. There is hope, even in despair.

  17. Wisdom is in the quiet, not in the hurried.

  18. Say thank you, especially to unsung heroes like parents, teachers, restaurant workers, daycare workers, etc.

  19. My voice, my vote, my actions do make a difference.

  20. Community over individualism. What is my part in social justice?

  21. Working as a team in my marriage.

  22. Pick up a new hobby. Embrace change.

  23. Creativity. Flexibility. Gratitude.

  24. Healing is a journey.

  25. We can do hard things.

I am sure I will come back it and add to it as all learnings are never final. In these last days of 2020, I encourage you to make a list of your own- without thinking too much about it, let it flow from your heart.

What comes from the heart are the ones you were meant to remember and cultivate.

with love,


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